Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Almost Halfway Through the Year..

I've noticed I haven't written in here for quite some time. San Fran was awesome and we had a good time.

The purpose of this post is to recap on what's been of this year and my, I'll say it has been a ride.

I set a few goals for myself in the new year and accomplished quite a few actually. Of course I stated previously that I changed my position at work from being Project Support to MIS Specialist which is exciting. I now accomplish more challenging things and am always learning something else.

Though, the biggest one would be I moved out. I knew there would be challenges but I didn't know how much exactly. For the most of 2010, I had been saving up a "Moving Out" fund to jump-start on everything that needed to be purchased and man, I'm glad I did. The expenses sure shot up in just 2 weeks.

Buying furniture, utensils, cleaning supplies, bathroom stuff, kitchen stuff, bed room stuff. I have yet to add up on much I spend in preparing. The other set of challenges was getting everything inside/putting it together. I have to say that it is coming together nicely though I'm still not 100% done (I'm sure I'll never be) but I am content.

The biggest change for me has been having my own schedule. I almost have some sort of groove set in, but I am very open to day to day changes. In fact I welcome them. This brings into my next goal which is getting more involved with one of my hobbies "modeling". I put quotations but I don't think of myself as one at all so when I think of a better term I will use it unforgivingly.

I have started into doing only paid work as it's worth the drive and time. I recently did a HD video workshop with Canon in Rockville, MD. Check out the link below:


It was an experience. Meeting the established photographers, working with them, interacting with the Canon team and the other model was a lot of fun. We did simple activities while they filmed and even went outside which caused quite a stir! I learned a few basics on editing film and now I'll be able to point out all of the pointers the presenters gave. I even got invited back to participate in another one when they return.

From that experience, I wouldn't mind doing more workshops to help people learn more about their hobby/career and to take it one more step further.

This is a new chapter in my life and I can feel changes taking affect even right now. More exciting updates to come!