Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Now The Fungi's They Are Bloom

Random things I write/find I don't want to end up in the threads of cyberspace.

☮ Everything you search for lies in one's self☮-True Story-

She now knew what it was to live in the moment. She could hear the symphony of the ocean waves and the stories waiting to be discovered in the clouds...She entered her own hell and was strong enough to rise above it. She entered a place where she knew she'd always be safe. She felt everything down to the blood in her veins to the beating of her heart. She breathed in life and time seemed to slow down. She soon discovered what was home to her and she now knew what it meant to feel {alive} -Psilocybin Experience-

There's beauty in the unknown and the un-guaranteed. I like the sound of whales and frogs during summer nights. I harbor inspiration, empathy, enthusiasm and disdain only if you let me. -"About Moi"-

Your world is only as big as you make it! -True Statement-

Ouvrez-vous vos yeux voient pour vous....

Friday, June 18, 2010

Art = Life

It's tough being stingy with my money. But I came up with a great idea. Turn regular pictures into artwork. Here are some I'd like to print and frame.

This one taken by my sister at 6 am Sunday morning at OC, MD. Usually OC, doesn't look so peaceful and dare I say beautiful. That morning the dolphins were active, the sun was already up and the waves were working hard erasing yesterday's memories.

This one I discovered on another blog and the message is just so simple and the photograph is timeless. Black and white photos always have a mystery about them and with the Eiffel Tower presenting itself so effortlessly in the background makes it just that much more mysterious.

These are the Giza pyramids at twilight. Was looking for them at night... but the three men on camels, and the moon rising really made me change my mind.

This one (like my above photo) is a Hawkbill marine turtle. They are one of my favorite animals and just seeing them make me happy and smile. This photograph is very colorful and simple so I would like to add this to what would be my "art" collection. Choosing a frame will be difficult.

Nos Chemins Se Sont Enfin Croisés

The title means "our paths have finally crossed"

Supposed to be romantic, but you can use it in any situation. For example, finding delicious root beer, a joyful coloring book or just the right shade of gray.

Ah, the joys of another language. Having took latin for god knows how many years in elementary up to middle school, it kind of sticks with you. Knowing that certain words change because of gender, past, present or future tense can be annoying. I'll never forgot bo, bi, bit, bimus, bitus, and the last one... of course some spelled wrong so i guess I did forgot some.

But anywho, I want to learn French again, took it 2 years in high school but never took it seriously. (What did I back then?) When I do read it, I can get an idea of what it means... but I can't tell word for word (most of them anyway) what they are.

So add that to my list to "do/learn/experience/live". Better than/then (??) rotting away at a tv right?

Overview of my list/goals...

*NY in 2 weeks. I think all cities are dirty, but hey I got invited so why the hell not? Gonna see The Lion King on broadway. AHHHHH!! (My eyes would be huge right now talking about it) Then sight-see. Hopefully we'll see Balto in central park. OBSESSED some!

*I figured I'd rather save what would be my "rent" money each month instead of moving out... would love to do it but I'm not ready for that commitment... besides, living at home hasn't been that bad lately. Also reading up on investing and I'm starting some... who knew it would be exciting! I created a spreadsheet and just played with formulas and numbers. OUI OUI OUI!

*Went skydiving! {Gasp} Je l'ai aimé! Je l'ai aimé! Je l'ai aimé! Free-falling is incredible and I want do it again in a different location among other "adrenaline" activities.

*The Windy Cittaaaaaay. Who knew planning a trip could be so annoying especially since one person is footing the bill. From plane tickets to hotels, check-in times, check-out times, the $$ wow. Hate it! But it'll be worth it. It's only money right?!?! right?! I have a list of things I wanna do/see but of course everything is subject to change so I'm done for whatever. Gonna try my hand at oil pastels again while I'm there. (Yup, I drew for a couple years when I was younger)

I feel like I could ramble on here forever but that's not what I intended this "blog" to be about.