Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Less Than plus Three

During my daily contemplations of life, I've decided to compile a list of things I want to accomplish this year. { Since I have a selective memory }

1. Visit a quaint town in South Carolina.
2. Finish the next 3 semesters with GPA's of at least 3.71.
3. Move out on my own.
4. Fly in a plane.
5. Take a road-trip with friends.
6. Visit my grandparents.
7. Learn to do different things with my hair.
8. Visit most museums on the east coast.
7. Travel to the west coast.
8. Learn the clarinet again.
9. Save at least $850 a month { before moving out }
10. Run in a marathon.
11. Go to a wedding.
12. Learn the cords of "Me & Bobby Mcgee" and sing along.
13. Go to Wolftrap.
14. Go to a play { Ever since Hey Arnold did "Carmen", I still want to see it }
15. GO VEGAN 100%
16. Spread my knowledge about animal cruelty.
17. Have the path I want to go on while knowing a detour is possible.
18. See a meteor shower -with friends or my love-
19. Forgive someone that has done me wrong.
20. Paint a picture I'm proud of.
21. Get a passport.
22. Go white water rafting.
23. Stay on the beach all night while camping pondering hermetic philosophy.
24. Have a peaceful debate with someone about going vegetarian.
25. Relish in the beauty of life rather than the destruction of it.
26. Enjoy nature more.
27. Sit outside on a nice day -just because-.
28. Form life-lasting bonds.
29. Apologize when need be.
30. Eat more fruit.
31. Learn to cook and not relying on pre-made food.
32. Collect unique vintage things.
33. Purchase silver silverwear.
34. Purchase more hats.
35. Sponsor at least two rescued moon bears.

That is it so far.... I may add more or hell, I may just even DO them.

No Title, Just Thoughts

It's been a while since I've actually looked at this thing so why not add something to it?

I've noticed when people meet me for the first time or the first few times they can't really pinpoint what my "deal" is. I can't really tell you what it is but to know my past is to understand why I'm "the way" I am.

First off, I know my looks are more than average (depending on the day) but I don't see that a reason to be conceited or treat others as beneath me. If you've seen my facebook, you know what I looked like growing up. And if you haven't... just picture big round glasses, part on the side and chipmunk cheeks. That transformed into looking like the 4th Hanson. Seems funny now, but it really wasn't then.

I've been teased and bullied for most of my life... and even now I've noticed people try to break me down saying some of the most ignorant and stupid things about me. But I've learned to take it all in stride because in fact it makes me BETTER than them.

I would love to get involved with helping younger kids that do get bullied because I've first handed experienced it for so long and if I could help anyone rise above it, well that would be awesome. I've learned you can act like a victim but you will ALWAYS get victimized.

Also during this time, I had time to "develop" my personality. I've always had the mentality to treat others how I want to be treated. Whether they have hurt me, I always hear the other person out... even if I know 100% that I shouldn't. I've also been able to distance myself from any group of friends, frankly because I'm in my own world half the time. This led to me not becoming a "part of the group" that goes to bars every weekend and drinks every chance they get. That whole lifestyle gets boring quick and I'd rather do something more productive with my time and money.

But any-who, it'll be interesting to see what direction this will go in (if I ever write in this again). So we shall see what the future hold.