Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Some pictures and things make me miss my grandparents back when A. my grandpa was alive and B.they were in better health.

I hope to find a love I can grow old with one day and give my children endless opportunities and my grandchildren great inspiration for life.

Until then, I'll keep moving forward.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

We've got a line in the sky

I like when my hair is tousled to the left and it feels unmanageable. Please stay like this.

I'm listening to Golden Earring "Radar Love". The beat is perfect for how I feel right now.

I believe I am growing more confident in the major I want to peruse. It's not in my comfort zone since there's not a specific job one can get after graduating.. but I believe I will be happier down the road because "outcomes" are what I am interested in doing the most.

I can take it all online and during the evening & work & move out and continually grow, mature and thrive.

Transferring in the fall may be in my future. Moving out may be in the near near future. I am as warm, crisp and chipper as this day is though my new vitamins may be doing it also. I feel untouchable.

Also San Fran is less than 1 month. The joy.