Thursday, December 23, 2010

Looking Back in 2010

Although 2010 is technically not over, it is never a bad thing to sit down and reflect.

Having done alot of new things & accomplished a good amount, I don't want to leave anything out.

For starters I will have to say getting closer to finishing school next year is an achievement. It's not the degree I want but I didn't quit & will finish to have a degree so I can start on what I really want.
During the whole year I have been thinking about what I want to get into and well Science & anything related is a must.

Another major thing I have done was travel to places I've never been before. A few being New York, Chicago, Philly and Atlantic City. To some this may not amount to anything but to me this is a pretty big deal. I definitely want to travel more in the new year and this just opened the door. In the next year I plan on the west coast, mid-west and maybe even out of the country.

Career-wise I have turned around completely. I went from hating my job day in and day out to absolutely loving each day. Now I cannot credit this all to myself. I have to thank the people I work with in believing in me and giving me a chance. So in the next year I am determined to fully submerge myself in changing the course of where my career life is headed.

One thing I have never done before was be in a plane and well jumping out of it. The adrenaline rush you get when the plane is reaching 12,000 feet and the door opens is unexplainable. The feeling you get when you feel the wind rush in and you look down as you get into position is incredible. Finally, jumping out and experiencing the free fall and you're just one with the earth is a feeling I long for. It changes your outlook on life and I am so thankful for having that opportunity.

Two books that I read over the year really changed my perspective on how I choose to live my life. The first being "Cheap" which basically illustrates our spending habits as a globally economy and how we affect the world. The book also discusses the hidden costs of costly made products. The second is "The 7 habits of Highly Effective People" which illustrates everything you could possibly think of. It has helped me realize that I am in control of my habits, emotions, reactions... life in general and how you can cultivate yourself to being who you want to be.

Since then, I am more aware of myself and how my actions affects others. I do my best to purchase USA made, local, non animal-tested food & products. I can only hope to inspire others to make transitions to make the world a better place. Also I have become more thankful despite any situation I am in. If I am having a bad day or something minute is affecting me, I just take a step back and am thankful that I am in that situation and that my life could be much much worse.

I completed a 8k fun run this year despite having numerous foot problems, lung issues and having never ran before. During training I had actually injured myself and was unable to run for about 2 weeks before the race. But all in all I finished the race in pretty good time and the high I felt afterwards was unbearable. I was so proud that I could accomplish this while helping out a good cause. Another physical thing I accomplished was the Maryland State Police Polar Plunge. I had a great team to do it with and will be doing the same this coming January. What this proved to me was that it is mostly all mental and if you think you can do it, then you can and vice versa.

One major goal I have for the new year is moving out on my own ( most likely with a roommate I know, trust & can be 100% honest with ). Another goal I have is to have a clearer picture of what I want to do with my life and know how to go about doing so. I want to continue the great habits I have developed into the new year and be more serious about staying in good health & working out more than I am right now. I also want to continue to do my very best at work & maintain the great relationships new & old that I have.

2011 will be a truly exciting year & I can't wait to accomplish these goals and then some!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


All I have to say is the next round of books I purchase, you'd think they were school books... and in some cases maybe they just are.

- HTML5: Up and Running
- Excel 2007 Bible
- Access 2007: The Missing Manual

Why the hell not? I work with two of the above on a daily basis so the more I know, the better & the first well, I just am so interested in it.

So good things have happened these past few weeks and some not so good things... but you know I'll live, maybe. =/

Semester ends in less than 2 weeks... then a few weeks off then 7 credits in winter. In other works 7 credits in 3 weeks. Yes, I will be busy.

Also have another trip to Atlantic City (maybe I'll get lucky again! :D), a ski/snowboarding trip, gonna try to squeeze in volleyball, toastmasters, friends, the daily routines (yuck) the whole 9 yards all while trying to figure out "life" as we like to call it.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

What's Pho?

I love this Vietnamese food. Broth, noodles, veggies and you can add hot sauce, sweet sauce, soy sauce.. just about anything to it!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


With the new year creeping up [ less than a month away ], I've decided to put together my 2011 lists of some things I'm going to accomplish.

1. Keep better track of my finances. I've already made a new spreadsheet for the new year. I want to be able to see where everything goes and may even start doing a bank reconciliation (thanks accounting).

2.Go to Philly & San Francisco. There's a ton of places I want to go really but due to weather and money constraints this month... it'll have to wait until Jan or Feb.

3.Check out the local scene. e.g. small coffee shops, jazz cafes, local eateries. More so than going to big concert venues or restaurants.

4.Add more books to my library. Whether they are books I enjoy reading, for learning purposes, what have you.

5.Excel in my Toastmasters club. I want to be known as one of the better speakers so new members can have a great example to better themselves.

6.Finish school Three more semesters.

7.Either go back to school knowing what field I want to be in or shutting up about it.

8.Move out. [ If I don't go back to school ]

9.Exercise, exercise, exercise. Just making being active a major part of my life.

10.To not be a backup at work anymore.

11.Learn how to knit. I want to knit my own hats, but I cannot figure out the second step.

12.Let everyone I hold close to me know how much I love them often. I should start this now actually.. which I will.

13.Learn how to use my camera & photoshop lightroom. I want to take cool photos of places I've been & things I enjoy.

14.Skydive again. Those who have done it, understand.

15.Get involved with volunteering, animal & human rights. It's one of my passions so why not?

So far this is the list, I shall add more though.